What Are The Benefits Of Selenium

What Are The Benefits Of Selenium

Selenium is a chemical element that is a nonmetal. Produced as a result of copper refining, it has a wide variety of uses which makes it so interesting. It is an important micronutrient for animals, but when taken in large doses it can be toxic. Selenium can help with mercury poisoning and dandruff. This is just one of the many benefits of selenium.

Strong Antioxidant

Alcohol consumption or smoking cause an excess of free radicals, which in effect cause oxidative stress and damage healthy cells. This oxidative stress can lead to many issues like premature aging, cancer, and Alzheimer's. Selenium helps to prevent this by maintaining free radicals and protecting cells from damage. The benefits of selenium are endless and they work as perfectly good antioxidants.

Protection Against Heart Disease

Selenium is known to reduce the risk of heart disease in a person. The higher the selenium levels, the less likely a person is prone to a heart disease. Additionally it reduces inflammation in the body which effectively lowers the chance of heart disease. It even increases glutathione peroxidase which is a powerful antioxidant. Selenium-rich foods help to stimulate oxidative stress and inflammation.

Psychological Benefits 

Memory loss is caused by Alzheimer’s and it is one of the major leading causes of death in the US. More and more people are being diagnosed with Alzheimer's every day and it is now becoming more important to understand and prevent this disease. Research has shown that many people with low levels of Selenium tend to have Alzheimer's. Memory can be improved in patients with a high intake of antioxidants through food consumption and supplements. Many psychological functions including verbal frequency have been seen to improve in patients when taking selenium supplements. 

Boosts Immune System

It is extremely important for your immune system to work properly in order to fight off diseases and ensure that your body remains healthy. Immunity is enhanced with the reduction of inflammation caused by the antioxidant properties of selenium. Immune cell function is adversely affected by a deficiency in the level of selenium in the body, and it can lead to a slower immune response. People with HIV are more likely to pass away if they have lower amounts of selenium in their bodies, and those with Hepatitis C and tuberculosis can see an improvement in their health when taking selenium supplements. 

Reduces threat of Asthma

Asthma can affect the function of air being carried to and from the lungs, which can create breathing issues. As the airways become inflamed as a result of asthma, coughing and chest pains are also experienced. Many people with asthma are known to have selenium deficiency, which has led researchers to conclude that selenium can help to reduce asthma symptoms. 

Improves Thyroid Health

The proper functioning of our thyroid glands is highly dependent upon selenium. Selenium is good for keeping thyroid glands healthy as they protect the thyroid from oxidative damage and help to produce hormones. The immune system can attack thyroid glands and damage them as a result of selenium deficiency. 

Cardiovascular Disease

Among the many benefits of selenium is the prevention of cardiovascular disease.  Selenium supplements can not only reduce inflammation but also the buildup of platelets ,which can help to reduce the threat of heart disease. There is limited research available on this, which is why it cannot be said that cardiovascular disease can be entirely prevented with selenium. 

Sources of Selenium

Selenium can mostly be found in animal products and grains, such as egg, white bread, tuna, and brazil nuts. An adult should consume on average 55 mcg of selenium every day, while a pregnant woman should take at least 60 mcg. Selenium deficiency is not exactly a common issue and it only occurs in areas where less selenium content occurs in the soil such as China. Supplements can help to deal with these deficiencies in the most effective way. While it is rare for people to overdose on selenium, an overdose can lead to brittle nails, tooth decay, bad breath, fatigue, and even hair loss. Extreme overdose can lead to heart diseases and even cause death. 

Selenium Supplements Benefits

Multivitamins and dietary supplements can help to deal with selenium deficiency. It is, however, encouraged to consume a healthy and varied diet in which selenium is included before resorting to selenium supplements. If you plan on taking selenium supplements, you should get them from a reliable source that sells authentic supplements. Whole foods are the best source of selenium. Just make sure that you do not take any more than 400 micrograms of selenium in a day. 

The benefits of selenium are many. It is important to prevent selenium deficiency to lead a much healthier and happier life. As research has shown, selenium deficiency can be quite rare, but if you have been diagnosed with selenium deficiency, you must not take it lightly. You should be consuming selenium-rich foods to get healthier and happier.