Best Natural Anti-Ageing Tips in 2022

Best Natural Anti-Ageing Tips in 2022

Most of us would do anything and everything to be wrinkle-free again! While there is little we can do about growing old, slowing down the ageing process can be more feasible than you think. Every day, we engage in practices that can harm our skin and overall health, as well as age us prematurely. From the food we consume to the way we wash our faces, the little choices can make us appear years older. So, how do we slow this down? Before you go out and buy every questionable pill and potion at your local pharmacy, learn from experts about doctor-approved anti-aging tricks and tips. No matter the age, you can start feeling more energetic and vibrant, and learn how to age well with these simple tricks.

Include Vitamin A in your daily routine

Making topical retinoids a part of your skincare routine is one of the simplest ways of slowing down the ageing process. While they might irritate some people with sensitive skin, they can also be an effective wrinkle preventative. "Using a retinol lotion is a simple at-home treatment," says Dr. John Kahan, a Beverly Hills Med Spa surgeon. "Retinol is a vitamin A derivative that aids in the reduction of fine wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dark spots, and textured skin." Dr. Ayelet Mizrachi-Jonisch, a dermatologist at CareMount Medical in New York, agrees, saying that vitamin A based therapy can prevent the ageing process from starting in the first place. "For maintaining good skin health and preventing photo ageing, recommended retinoids are always a smart option," she explains.

Preventing excessive weight gain

Don't let those small indulgences build into additional pounds; if they do, you'll end up appearing much older than you are. Dr. Joshua D. Zuckerman, MD, FACS, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Manhattan, adds, "Weight increase is also regarded as ageing in various places. Submental fat, for example, placed below the chin, has a substantial impact on how the lower face is seen."

Refrain from tanning

In the long run, the sun isn't worth it. Tanning is a big no-no if you're attempting to turn back the clock. "Every time a person gets a tan, their skin ages prematurely," explains Dr. Levy. If you can't go to the beach because of your light skin, use a fake tanner instead. 

Don't eat the sugary stuff

Sugar isn't only bad for your teeth; it's also a big cause of loss of skin elasticity, which can make you seem older. "Focus on a balanced diet with plenty of lean protein and veggies, and avoid sweets," says natural health specialist Dr. Fred Pescatore. "Advanced glycation end products (AGEs), which cause wrinkles and collagen and elastin degradation, have been related to poor diets high in sugar."


Drinking plenty of water throughout the day can help keep your skin looking young and healthy. While the amount of water you require is dependent on your size and level of activity, a good rule of thumb is to drink water throughout the day and never allow yourself to become thirsty. "Not drinking enough water can cause wrinkles and creases to show more prominently, as well as more dry spots and dullness," explains clinical dietitian Ariane Hundt. "Drinking enough water is essential for maintaining a healthy glow and dewy look."

All-Nighters aren't necessary.

Those late hours in college aren't doing your skin any favours. In fact, they could be the reason you're looking a little shabby. "One of the most critical physiological processes is sleep," explains Sarah Greenfield, a certified dietitian and HUM Nutrition's Director of Nutrition and Education. "Our bodies heal themselves as we sleep, cleansing and balancing our hormones. To maintain your skin healthy and happy, the lining of your GI tract is turned over to guarantee that your body can absorb all of the nutrients you ingest. A good night's sleep increases circulation and reduces puffiness and dryness around the eyes."

Sun damage must be taken seriously

Every sunburn is significant. In fact, according to Dr. David Shafer, founder of Manhattan's Shafer Plastic Surgery, "several studies demonstrate that frequent sunburns as a youngster lead to substantially greater incidences of skin malignancies and skin damage as an adult." As a result, take safe measures every time you step into the sun. It's possible that in doing so, you will prevent the early indications of ageing that you're hoping to avoid. When you're a "young [child], it's crucial to focus on prevention, such as applying sufficient sunscreen or wearing protective clothes," Dr. Shafer notes. Turn to these 20 Zero Belly Habits For Ageing for more methods to turn back the clock!

Wear the right clothes to protect your skin

When it comes to avoiding wrinkles, the best offensive is a competent defence. Getting the right UV protection, as Dr. Shafer previously stated, is one of the finest things you can do for your skin in terms of slowing down the ageing process. "Prevention is the first line of defence," says Dr. Shafer. "Sunscreen or physical protective barrier garments and caps are also necessary for skin protection."

Wash after a workout

Do you think you'll be able to forgo the shower after the gym? Reconsider. After a workout, washing your face can help avoid dead skin from collecting in your pores. Dr. Ross Levy, MD, FAAD, a dermatologist of New York's CareMount Medical, recommends washing your face twice a day, especially after sweating while working or exercising.

Quit smoking

Although it should go without saying that smoking is terrible for your health, not everyone recognises how much of an influence it can have on your looks. Even if you only smoke once in a while, every puff you take makes you seem older and worse. Dr. Shafer explains that "choices like smoking have a tremendous effect on the skin since the smoke and nicotine deprive the vital cells of oxygen and nutrients."

It's never too late to begin taking care of yourself.

Don't think it's too late to reverse the effects of ageing; it's better to be late than never. "While it's never too late to start, the sooner the better," says Manhattan-based plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Kolker. "If problems are addressed too late in life, the treatments may be ineffective."

Establish a good skincare routine

Whether you're ready to start getting fillers or just want to keep your present look, how you care for your skin may make a big impact. "Having a decent at-home skincare routine that can help enhance the skin is crucial," adds Dr. Shafer. According to him, doing so can even make your dermatologist or surgeon's operations last longer.

Scrubs aren't necessary.

While keeping your face clean is important, cleaning it can worsen existing dermatological disorders, such as wrinkles. Dr. Ben Johnson, MD, founder of holistic beauty business Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare, adds, "Did you realise that cleaning away at your skin may promote ageing?" "By excessively exfoliating, you're basically eliminating your skin's only protective layer."

Begin from the inside.

Anti-aging creams can be beneficial, but if you want to make a significant difference in your skin's health and look, start with your food choices and work your way outward. "Most Americans want a cream that they can slap on and look wonderful and never age," says Susan Barendregt, a functional nutritionist. "We have to go all the way and cure ourselves from the inside out."