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Product is best for over all well-being

  • Promotes healthy hair, skin and nails

  • Strengthens joints and connective tissue for improved flexibility and recovery after exercise

  • Reduces pain and inflammation in the body

  • Improves liver function and strengthens the immune system

  • Improves your overall wellbeing when taken regularly

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Product Details

Our formula helps to improve joint health and may increase the strength and integrity of hair, skin and nails. Our Collagen Food is an ideal formulation to help fight against the signs of ageing and comes in a pleasant-tasting powder for maximal absorption. The comprehensive combination of MSM, vitamin C, biotin, zinc and silica in an effective formulation that helps to fight against free radical damage and inflammation.

Key Benefits

  • Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails:MSM, a natural sulphur-containing compound, biotin and silica in our powdered formula help with the production of collagen and keratin which help to maintain strong hair, skin and nails, and may help to reduce wrinkles for a more youthful appearance.
  • Healthy Joints & Connective Tissue:The combination of vitamin C and silica in our formula help to reduce inflammation in the joints and improve flexibility, maintain bone strength, and aid with calcium absorption for overall improved joints and connective tissue.
  • Reduced Pain & Inflammation:As vitamin C is a potent antioxidant, it helps to fight against free radicals that cause damage and inflammation in the body. The sulphur content also assists the cells in removing excess fluid and toxins, aiding in the reduction of inflammation and pain, helping with recovery after physical activity and exercise.

Recommended Dose

Dosage and Usage
Adults: 1 teaspoon in a glass of water, once or twice daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional.
Children: 1/2 teaspoon in a glass of water or juice, once or twice daily, before meals, or as directed by your healthcare professional.
Cautions and Contraindications:
Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet. Always read the label. Use only as directed. Patients should consult their healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist.

Combat Aging & Inflammation

Our Collagen Food powder is formulated with ingredients to help your body make its own collagen. As we age our collagen deteriorates and we don’t make as much new collagen as when we were young. Most Collagen products on the market contain collagen from animals or marine life. Our Collagen Food powder is suitable for vegans and does not contain any animal products. Give your body the ingredients it needs to make healthy strong collagen.

The Benefits of the Essential Range

Starting a Healthy Future.

  • Improved health and appearance of hair, skin and nails 

  • Stronger immune system, reduced inflammation and improved flexibility 

  • Radiant and healthy hair, skin and nails

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As early as four weeks and up until 12 weeks.

Is collagen safe for breastfeeding/expecting moms?

There are no known risks for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Be sure to check with your doctor if you're concerned.

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