Ginger & Beetroot Raw Bar

Ginger & Beetroot Raw Bar - The Orchid

Ginger & Beetroot Raw Bar

Boost athletic performance & energy levels. Hint of ginger and sesame improves metabolic function & reduces muscle pain.

Packed with many essential nutrients in few calories.



Packed with many essential nutrients in few calories. Beets are a great source of fiber, iron & vitamin C.

Our bar improves blood pressure and increases exercise performance & it’s so delicious and easy to add to your diet. 

The unique composition of fruit, vegetables and seeds makes it a healthy snack ideal for vegans, people intolerant to gluten & lactose and all those who value healthy food. The bar is an excellent source of valuable nutrients and its created only from natural ingredients. Bars contain only natural sugars, they are also a source of valuable fiber and vitamins.

Get a shot of fruit & veggie energy straight from nature!

✔ perfect for work

✔ during travel

✔ quick replenishment of energy after intense workout. 

140 calories per bar - No refined sugar - No gluten - No artificial sweeteners

Ingredients: dried dates, dries raisins, carrot concentrate, sesame seeds, beetroot powder, ground ginger.