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Suitable for optimising gut health 

  • 8 vegetable juices

  • No added sugar

  •  Vegan friendly

  • Suitable for those looking to improve their gut health

  •  Dairy free & Gluten free

1 Box (8x300ml Organic Juices)2 Box (8x300ml X 2 - Organic Juices)3 Box (8x300ml X 3 - Organic Juices)

Suitable For

All juices are packed with healthy nutrients and enzymes, our juice cleanses are designed to help make your body feel detoxified and unhindered. Each of our cleanse options will detoxify your body of accumulated impurities and leave you looking and feeling as if you were glowing. Our juice cleanse contains high quantities of protein as well as a healthy dose of essential minerals and vitamins. 

Use If 

Modern lifestyle, processed food, pollution, cigarettes and alcohol negatively affect the functioning of the body, causing a decrease in energy and health problems. Smart Green juices support digestive processes, bowel condition, and the process of reducing toxins from the body. The beneficial substances contained in Smart Green lactofermented juices support overall health, thanks to which we can observe an increase in body immunity, acceleration of metabolism and improvement of skin and hair condition.


    • Beet juice
      Anti-cancer prevention
Cleanses and strengthens the blood. In addition, beets reduce the level of bad cholesterol and increase immunity. Scientists say they also improve concentration and prevent atherosclerosis. They perfectly deacidify the body and help excrete uric acid from the body (support the kidneys, cleanse the body). Lacto-fermented Beet Juice naturally improves immunity. It prevents the development of harmful bacteria and supports the work of the liver and kidneys.

      ✓Powerful antioxidant
      ✓Helps to lower blood pressure
      ✓Lower bad cholesterol
      ✓Natural immunity booster

      Ingredients: juice of organic lacto-fermented beetroots, organic garlic, salt. Pressed juice, not from concentrate.

    • Carrot juice
      A carrot is a weigh-loss friendly veggie, packed with beta carotene, fiber, vitamin K and antioxidants.
Beta carotene provides proper functioning of the eyesight, boost immune system, helps to reduce acne and also delays the appearance of wrinkles. Effectively protects our hearts by reducing oxidative stress, which is particularly vulnerable to people living in constant stress and people who eat very poorly. Carrot juice also helps reduce cholesterol.

      ✓Improves skin
      ✓Promotes weight-loss
      ✓Takes care kidney function
      ✓Great for eyes

      Ingredients: juice of organic lacto-fermented carrots, salt. Pressed juice, not from concentrate.

    • Cabbage juice

      It has a good effect on digestive processes, strengthens immunity due to high amount of vitamin C, reduces blood cholesterol, positively affects the cardiovascular system and heart, and additionally improves skin condition.
Helps also with fighting hangover and is great during antibiotic treatment. Cabbage juice accelerates removing toxins out of your body.

      ✓Takes care of your bones

      ✓Helps with digestion

      ✓Lowers risk of colon cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer

      Ingredients: juice of organic lacto-fermented cabbage, salt. Pressed juice, not from concentrate.

    • Parsnip
      Parsnip is a very beneficial digestive aid, detoxifier and internal cleanser and also immune booster. Stimulate appetite and improve digestive processes within your
body. It is full of enzymes that aid in the proper breakdown of food during digestion.
Compounds in parsley cleanse and detoxify the kidneys, liver and bladder. The herb is also a natural diuretic that can help to relieve water retention and bloating.

      ✓Benefits your skin

      ✓Prevents acne and reduces skin redness
      ✓Antioxidant or eye health

      ✓Protection from Osteoporosis and Arthritis

      Ingredients:juice of organic lacto-fermented parsley, organic garlic, salt. Pressed juice, not from concentrate.

    • Broccoli
      Broccoli is rich in selenium, a mineral that protects against cancer and viruses. Calcium and magnesium regulate blood pressure. Vitamin A and antioxidants contained in broccoli are a excellent relief for overworked eyes.
Broccoli in the diet will also improve the absorption of vitamin D, thanks to the fact that they contain vitamins A and K.

      ✓Aids in treating cancer

      ✓Strengthens immune system

      ✓Remove toxins & free radicals from body
      ✓Treats gut disorders

      Ingredients: juice of organic lacto-fermented broccoli, organic garlic, salt. Pressed juice, not from concentrate.

    • Cauliflower
Cauliflower contains sulforaphane, a sulphur chemical compound that kills cancer stem cells, thus slowing cancer growth & significantly improves blood pressure and kidney function.
The choline contained in cauliflower can even prevent age- related memory impairment and the susceptibility of the brain to childhood toxins, as well as protect against toxins later in life.

      ✓Good for kidney & bladder health

      ✓Improves immune system

      ✓Boost energy levels – increase blood flow

      Ingredients: juice of organic lacto-fermented cauliflower, organic garlic, salt. Pressed juice, not from concentrate.

    • Celeriac

      Celery has a diuretic and cleansing effect. It is also great at removing toxins from the body that acidify our body, accelerate digestion and eliminate constipation. Therefore, drinking celery juice relieves tormented joints and soothes arthritic pains. Celery is also a source of dietary fibre - thanks to which it accelerates digestion and weight loss.

      ✓Neutralizes and flushes toxins out of the liver
      ✓Assist with Migraines

      ✓Reduces high cholesterol

      ✓Cures bloating and improves digestion

      Ingredients: juice of organic lacto-fermented celery, organic garlic, salt. Pressed juice, not from concentrate.


      Tomatoes are superfood primarily because they contain lycopene. It is an organic chemical compound with antioxidant effects. Eating tomatoes clearly reduces the risk of heart attack, improves digestion, strengthens immunity, and also protects against the harmful effects of the sun! Pickled cucumbers also contribute to the faster removal of water from the body, eliminating oedema in the body. What's more, bacteria in silage transform provitamins into vitamins, strengthen immunity and reduce flatulence. Pickled cucumbers, just like fresh ones, contain a lot of fibre, which gives a feeling of satiety, which helps maintain normal weight and stimulates bowel function, preventing constipation.

      Add health benefits of beets, cabbage, carrots and broccoli and the perfect juice is combined.


      juice of organic lacto-fermented: beets 30%, tomatoes 30%, cabbage 10%, cucumbers 10%, carrots 10%, broccoli 10%, organic garlic, salt. No added sugar.

Each Detox box includes 8 Lacto-Fermented juices to help detox your body . 

All the Australian goodness. 

None of the bad.

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