Energy Tablets - Guarana & Caffeine 10 pack - 50 Tablets

Energy Tablets - Guarana & Caffeine 10 pack - 50 Tablets - The Orchid

Energy Tablets - Guarana & Caffeine 10 pack - 50 Tablets

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Meet our latest epic innovation Maxx Energy, European designed & made for an active lifestyle to provide that extra energy kick needed to Maxx-imize your day. 

*Each packet comes with 5 easy digestible 
edible tablets (No dissolving required)  containing 100mg caffeine  

Formulated to promote energy! Maxx energy tablets are formulated to supply the nutrients you need to promote sustained energy production and mental alertness.  More energy than a standard energy drink, sustainable slow release with no sugar or harsh additives.

Made with the same core ingredients as standard energy drinks without the harsh chemicals, sugar and harmful preservatives. 

  • Zero Sugar

  • Zero Calories

  • Zero Chemicals

  • Zero Funky Taste

Become the morning person you always wanted to be. 
Get your morning right with the Maxx energy tablets.



Our European approved formula for sustained energy is a proven method to deliver mental alertness throughout the day.

  • Gaurana Extract - 100mg
  • Of which caffeine - 22mg
  • Caffeine - 80mg
  • Vitamin B6 - 0.7mg
  • Vitamin B12 - 1.25ug
  • Niacin - 8mg

Our formula is easily digestible and is perfect for usage as a pre-workout to give you sustained energy as you need it to continue through your day.

  We recommend 1 tablet daily for adults.
Not recommended for children or pregnant women.  


Dr Sandra Cabot MD Approved

Dr Cabot is the Medical and Executive Director of the Australian Women’s Health Advisory Service.

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