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Product is best for hormone health

  • Helps support overall breast health and maintain health breast tissue

  • Aids with a healthy immune system

  • Improves thyroid function and bone health

  • Regulates your mood and improves with symptoms of depression

  • Improves your overall wellbeing when taken regularly

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Product Details

Our Breast Health capsules combine important nutrients that may help relieve breast tenderness associated with pre-menstrual tension. The unique formula combines important nutrients that help support breast health and the maintenance of healthy breast tissue, including Vitamin D, Iodine, Zinc and Selenium. The ingredients in our formula not only support breast health, but may also help to improve the immune system, thyroid function and bone health.

Key Benefits

  • Supports Breast Health: Iodine is stored in the thyroid gland but a large amount is also found in breast tissue. Iodine may act as an antioxidant in the breast, to reduce damage caused by free radicals. Studies have shown that iodine deficiency may increase the risk of breast cysts, which is included in our Breast Health capsules to support breast health and maintain health breast tissue.
  • Helps with Vitamin D Deficiency: Vitamin D plays an important role in the maintenance of healthy breast tissue. Breast tissue has receptors for vitamin D for it to bind to. Research has shown that vitamin D may influence the cells in how they develop, divide or die, and may stop malignant cells from growing or spreading. Some studies suggest there is a higher incidence of breast cancer in those with low vitamin D levels.
  • Improves Immunity:Selenium and Zinc are added to our Breast Health capsules to help to reduce inflammation in the body, support a healthy immune system and may help to protect breast tissue. Some studies also suggest that selenium can help to stimulate cell death in malignant cells.

Recommended Dose

Dosage and Usage
Adults: Take 1 capsule daily with food, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.
Cautions and Contraindications:
Vitamin supplements can not replace a healthy diet.
This product contains selenium which is toxic in high doses. A recommended daily dose of 150mcg of selenium daily should not be exceeded.
Not to be used in those with an overactive thyroid gland, unless urinary iodine levels are checked and the patient's healthcare practitioner recommends iodine supplementation.
If you experience any breast symptoms such as nipple changes or lumps, consult your doctor immediately.
Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet. Always read the label. Use only as directed. Patients should consult their healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist.

Pharmaceutical Grade Formula

Breast Health capsules contain the perfect formula to provide all nutrients required to help assist with boosting your natural immunity, particularly when it comes to pre-menstrual tension.

An adequate supply of macro- and micronutrients is vital to support host immune defense and resistance against dangerous disease-causing microorganisms. The modern day diet is often not sufficient to meet the increased demands for micronutrients in infectious diseases.

The Benefits of the Cabot Breast Health

Starting a Healthy Future.

  • Maintenance of healthy breast tissue, with the support of Vitamin D, Iodine, Zinc and Selenium nutrients

  • Improved immune system, mood and overall wellbeing

  • Assistance in Vitamin D deficiency 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Of course we offer free shipping, this is a service we provide Australia wide. For Australian express shipping and international orders there is an additional Fee. 

How strong are your products?

We provide ingredient and MG details of our products directly on each individual product page. Got any extra questions about our products reach out on 

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Can you take breast health capsules while pregnant?

It is recommended to consult with your doctor before taking any supplements while pregnant or breastfeeding.

How do you know if your breasts are healthy?

The skin on your breasts should naturally be more or less flat and smooth.

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